Enforcement programme for samurdhi benificiaries 2018

Kobeigane Divisional Secretariat area is consisting of 03 Samurdhi Bank Associations and 2629 samurdhi benifting family units among which nearly 250 benefiaciaries ar prescribed to be enforced . Investments of samurdhi Bank associations are approrcimately Rs 250 million loans of Samurdhi Bank Associations amount to Rs 80 million approximately which loan were issued for 1383 beneficiaries therefor in 2018 Samurdhi livelihood projects of 21in value were granted for the enforcement of samurdhi beneficiaries and the monetary allocation was Rs 882,593.00 for the purpose

Animal Husbandry Projects    08    351,517

Industrial Projects                   13   531,018

  • Samurdhi Entrepreneurship Development programme  12 persons were granted with projects amount to Rs 347,025 in which 02 mobile vehicles and 10 otherequipments were delivered 
  • Beneficiaries who received mobile trading vehicles are currently engaged in fruits and vegitables trading.
  • 30 beneficiaries had beenselected for garden celtivation programme in which cash prize worth Rs 180,000 were awarded and among these 03 best gardens had been selected
  • Under diriya piyasa housing project 04 beneficiaries reiceve Rs 150,000 constructions of thehouses had been completed which is the current progress
  • Under the social protection programme Rs 2798,500 had been compleetely given for 788 benficiaries for births marriages deaths , sipdora scholarships and twin in fant births.
  • Under the social development programme providing saplings forplant cultivation programmes Awareness programmes for children societies drug prevention programmes and counselling programmes had been conducted and Rs 166,450 had been given completely for aforementioned programmes.

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