Right to information

Information Officer

Name :- P.B.G.C.N.Bandara

Designation :-  Assistant Divisional Secretary, Kobeigane

Designated Officer

Name :-  W.Thilini Nisansala Silva

Designation :- Divisional Secretary, Kobeigane


Provisions of the Right to Information Act no.12 of 2016

As per the above3 act, every citizen has the right to get access to information which in the possession, custody or control of a public authority and in accordance with such provisions, information disclosure is also conducted by the Divisional Secretariat, Kobeigane in concurrance with other public authorities.


Requesting for Information

Requests for information should be made to the information officer either through a letter or email giving details necessary to identify the requested information or through filling in and handing over form RTI 01 in which the prescribed format given below, to the information officer of this Divisionala Secretariat.

Once a request for information is received from the citizen, the information officer will in accordance with section 24(3) of the act issue immediately a written acknowledgement to the citizen.


Receiving Information

Within 14 working days from the date of submission the request as the stated above and on payment of the amount, determined as per the payment schedule prescribed in the section 14(e) of the relevent act, every citizen are entitled for obtaining thr required information.


Rejecting the access for Information

If the information request is rejected by the Information officer, then a letter will be sent using the format provided in the RTI 05 form to the citizen and the exact clause in section 5 which is being relied upon to reject the request and detailed reasons for rejecting the request will be mentioned.



If the information Officer refuses to reveal the requested information or due to any other reasons any person can submit an appeal in accordance with the RTI 10 format mentioned below within 14 days as per the section 31(1) or 25(7) of the above act to the Designation Officer.


Act for Rght to Information

Application for receive information ( RTI 01 )

Application for appeal to the designation Officer ( RTI 10 )



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