Serial No Service Provided Main Document to be Produced Max Time Taken to Serve Main Officer Responsible
01 Issuing of valuation certificates Completed certificate ½ Hour Divisional Secretary
02 Issuing of income certificates Application certified by the div secretariat ½ Hour Asst Div Sec/Div Sec
03 Issuing Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates Formless process 05 Minutes Additional Dist. Registrar
04 Approval to release of compulsory savings Respective application form 05 Minutes Div Sec/Ast.Div.Sec
05 Issuing Dry Rations cards Relevant application 10 Minutes Asst Div Sec
06 Issuing of Income certificate Application with the documents 1 Hour Accountant
07 Issuing of assessment certificate Assets deed with recommendation from GN ½ Hour Div Sec
08 Issuing of land license after approval Approved Application 1 Day Div Sec
09 Recommendation of miscellaneous  subsidies Prescribe from with recommendation from social services officer 1 Weeks Div Sec / Asst Div Sec
10 Approval of public donations Prescribe from with recommendation from social services officer 4 Days Div Sec / Asst Div Sec
11 Payments of samurdhi grants Application with written supporting documents 3 Days Div Sec/Ast.Div.Sec
12 Subsidies paid by Social Development Fund Application with recommendation 1 Days Div Sec
13 Provision of solutions for electricity objections Electricity objections summons letter 2 Weeks Div Sec/Ast.Div.Sec
14 Approval of loans mortgages on land title deed Land title deed 1 Day Div Sec
15 Recommending Electricity Application Recommended application with deed ½ Hour AO/Asst Div Sec
16 Issuing of license to transport animals Application approved by veterinary surgeon ½ Hour Asst Div Sec
17 Issuing of timber permit Recommended Application 2 Days Div Sec
18 Issuing of senior citizenship Identity Card Birth Certificate or Identity card 1 Day Asst Div Sec
19 Transferring of ownership of gift of land Deed of land and application 2 Weeks Div Sec
20 Naming of succession  for gifted land Common 155 application with recommendation 3 Weeks Div Sec
21 Registration of birth after prescribe time Application together with documentary evidence 4 Weeks Additional District Registrar
22 Provision of disaster loans Application with recommended from GN 2 Weeks Asst Div Sec
23 Issuing of timber transport license Application 4 Weeks Div Sec
24 Naming of transfer of license land License and GN report 1 Day Div Sec
25 Issuing of liquor permit Recommended report from excise dept 2 Hours Div Sec
26 Submitting of National Identity Card to RGD Application recommended by GN 3 Days AO/Asst Div Sec

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Essential Services and Goods Licenses

Essential Services and Goods Licenses

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Establishment of Divisional Operating committee of preventing COVID 19

Establishment of Divisional Operating committee of preventing COVID 19

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